12 Inspiring And Unique Hobbies To Do Alone At Home

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12 inspiring and unique hobbies to do at home = moodsauce

Bored? You’re not alone. We’re now spending more time alone indoors than ever – and scrolling through social media watching repeats can feel like a waste of time. To make the most of being stuck inside, why not try one of these unusual hobbies to do at home?

Whether you’re naturally introverted or just have some time to pass, picking up a new hobby is a rewarding way to use your time. And you can do these hobbies alone, without needing to venture from the comfort of your home.

Here are 12 inspiring and unique hobbies to do alone at home…

Learn a non-typical instrument

Learning an instrument doesn’t mean dusting off your old recorder and torturing your neighbours with your rendition of My Heart Will Go On. There’s a variety of instruments that are pleasing to the ears, and won’t irritate everyone around you. These lesser-known instruments buck the guitar trend, and they sound beautiful.


Also known as a thumb piano, the kalimba is both easy to learn and affordable. The sweet tones are distinct. Make up your own tunes or play musical renditions of pop songs to your pets. The sound never gets boring.


These instruments are a lightweight version of a steel drum. The perfect choice if you love percussive melodies. They are however on the pricier side.

Tongue drum

Don’t worry, you don’t actually play this with your tongue. The tongue drum is a similar instrument to the handpan and can be played with your hands or mallets. They are more affordable than handpans, and are a great instrument to play alone in deep melodic meditation.

Entrancing sounds from a steel tongue drum…

Grow vegetables

Growing vegetables has become one of the most popular hobbies to do alone. Even if you don’t have access to an allotment, you can develop your green thumb with a balcony or windowbox. If you manage your space well, you can cultivate a thriving home garden. Begin with microgreens, or try repotting supermarket herbs for an easy way to get started.

Cook exotic cuisine

You don’t need to be a great chef – you just need to be willing to experiment by yourself in the kitchen. From ceviche to dim sum, international cooking is one of the best hobbies to do alone at home. If you’re not confident in the kitchen, try ordering meal kits, which will give you the right quantities of ingredients, herbs and spices, as well as simple recipes to follow. When you’re ready, you can start to branch out and experiment with your own ideas.

Learn UX design

Web design courses are booming. Learning UX design will allow you to experiment with creating and improving webpages. There are thousands of courses out there, including free options which are a great way of testing the waters. You could even end up setting up your own site about your newfound hobbies to do at home!

Learn to fly

Really! Learning to fly may not be one of the most common ideas for hobbies to do at home – but it is possible. The latest Microsoft flight simulator, Flight Sim 2020, has breathtaking graphics and the full Earth to explore in incredible detail. Sure, it’s essentially playing videogames. But since you’re virtually learning how to fly, I think this counts as a productive and unique hobby.

Bake bread

You may have already experimented with baking banana bread, one of the most popular hobbies to do alone during the early 2020 coronavirus lockdown. Passionate bakers know, though, that this is not something you master overnight. Every culture has its own bread, so there are thousands of recipes out there, each with its own quirks. Kneading dough is an excellent stress-reliever, too.

Make candles

Are you looking for hobbies to do at home to make money? You may never become rich making candles, but you could earn enough to make it worthwhile. To start, all you’ll need is wax or paraffin and wicks. The fun starts when you begin adding essential oils to create your own unique signature scents. An added bonus? Your home will smell fabulous!

Write memoirs

Really. Get your creative juices flowing by putting pen to paper and recording the most interesting moments of your life. This is one of the most imaginative hobbies you can do alone – and could someday be fascinating for your children or grandchildren. Start with a regular journal if you’re not sure how to get going.

Learn a foreign language

Learning new skills is one of the best ways to fight stress and anxiety. Can you really master a language by yourself, though? The internet makes it easier than ever. You could try signing up for online classes, watching foreign TV, and listening to music. Learning to be fluent in a foreign language isn’t easy, but when it all comes together, you’ll have an incredibly useful skill for travel and work.

Start a side hustle

Who doesn’t want a bit of money on the side? Some hobbies to do at home to make money include selling crafts on sites like Etsy, teaching English online to children, or setting up a blog. 

There’s also micro jobs, small tasks you complete at home for small amounts of money. Check out beer money on Reddit for lots of great suggestions. 

Starting a side hustle is a great way to try your hand at something you’ve always been curious about, without taking the enormous plunge of quitting your existing job.

 You can even consider freelancing with the skills you have. Then in a few years, you might be comfortable enough to dive into freelancing full time and live the dream.

Grow crystals

A crystal garden is fun, quirky, and full of personality. You can start right in your kitchen, with nothing more than Epsom salts and food colouring. Crystal-growing kits are also available, and make excellent projects to inspire science-curious kids.


Many of the suggestions here are less common hobbies. Except one or two. Sometimes the internet machine just pulls up the same uninspiring results so hopefully you’ve found something a bit different here. Something unique that you haven’t thought of before. If not, you can always check out fulfilling hobbies to do after work for more!