How to Snap Out of a Funk Before Depression Starts

  • Tom 

Tired? Fed up?

Sliding down a turkey twizzler into the pits of mental hell?

You need to snap out of it.

Get out of that boredom cave, stop being a lethargic zombie, and stop depression in its tracks.

I want you to see the beauty in the world. I want you to cherish this spec of time to do something great, and not squander it wandering the dark, toxic corridors of your mind.

It angers me that our minds can bend reality in ways that prevent us from reaching our potential, sometimes for years on end without realisation. Years we’ll never be able to reclaim. Years we may come to regret, causing only more negative thought patterns.

Let’s stop that from happening and snap out of this depressive state – rapidly.

Stop comparing yourself to others

It’s a waste of time, simply. You’ll never know the full, true nature of others. You’re just comparing one small feature with another. And by focusing on other people’s affairs, you’re neglecting your own.

Attention is narrow like that. Everything you look at comes at the expense of something else. It’s like an opportunity cost. In this case, it comes at the expense of seeing yourself.

It also leads to jealousy and envy, both of which will sever your chances of self-improvement and turn you into a spiteful lunatic. 

Dispose of them immediately. You can do so now by eliminating pointless comparisons that only destroy you. Get about your own business, and live your life content once more.

Accept yourself even if you suck

So you aren’t Einstein. So you’re not the world’s greatest musician. It doesn’t matter. Maybe you’re thick and you know it.

Whatever the case, it is that way, whether you want it to be or not.

Achieve what is possible, and ditch the insecurity about not being good enough. It’ll make you act up and pretend to be someone you aren’t.

You are as nature made you. You can do your best without being the best.

Make the most of whoever you are, no matter how strange and imperfect you may be. No matter how much you don’t seem to be able to do what another has done. Be frustrated with it no more.

Improve yourself as to your own interests, but accept your own natural limitations.

Delete Twitter

Seriously. Throw it in the bin and spare you precious dopamine. Every post you click on will be full of comments that make you despair at the state of humanity. And if you stare at it for long enough, you might just become one of those weird, incoherent trolls, blabbering to yourself in the comment section.

Ignore the temptation to indulge in such dark sorcery and distract yourself with something else for long enough to forget about the mind Shitter.

Ditch the phone — read a book instead

You could take it one step further and stop staring hypnotically into that lusciously crisp and seductive OLED QHD liquid-sexual display. Because it’s eating up your time. Literally hours of it, every — single — day.

You probably spent a few hours on it yesterday. Can you even remember what you were doing? Think of the hours you’ve racked up drooling into the bottomless bowl of social media soup.

  • Get some books to keep you occupied at night.
  • Use your digital wellbeing settings to set app timers.
  • Get a digital wellbeing app from the Appstore, use it.
  • Use Zen mode if you have a OnePlus like me.

Stop eating shit

If you’ve been feeling down, there’s a good chance you’ve been binge eating junk too. In my experience, they go hand in hand. The problem is, depression is a feedback loop that ends up creating more problems. Eating rubbish might be one of them. Maybe it’s because you haven’t had the mental energy to plan meals.

I understand, but without the right nutrition, your brain doesn’t have the resources to pull you back up. Do what you can to plan nutritional meals, and ditch the junk. This is one way to put the brakes on your depression getting any worse, and I promise you’ll start to feel better.


Move around. Get up and dance. Stop wasting away in your bacteria-caked office chair and move your bones before they start creaking like an old cabinet.

But how do I move?

Good question. I believe you can do the following:

  • Do yoga, there’s plenty of simple exercises you can do anywhere.
  • Stand up at your desk for 10–20 minutes.
  • Start a running or gym routine.
  • Go for a brisk walk.

If it’s really bad, rouse yourself to get up and make a brew at the least, alright?

That’s pretty much all I’ve got for now. Hopefully, this gave you the KICK you needed to resuscitate your mind. And, some important stuff to think about for the future.


Your subconscious mind.