About Moodsauce

The 'Secret' to Success

Want to read about self-improvement without feeling like you’re being sold a “secret to success” system? Tired of shallow posts designed to make a quick buck? Welcome to the internet. There is no secret to success, nor is there a system that will give it to you. Instead, it’s best to take inspiration, and use it to create a path for yourself. 

The Truth

Moodsauce is a realistic blog with tips in three primary areas: mind, motivation, and productivity. No self-made guru rhetoric to profit off unlikely fantasies, just cold hard facts to help you succeed. Progress takes much longer than you want, and many systems profit off impatience by promising quick returns. Why not do it the proper way? It is possible to reach your goals by being disciplined, learning from experience, and most importantly – enjoying what you do. Reading Moodsauce is a start!


Moodsauce does run ads served by Google Adsense, four per page typically. For more information about how your data is used, see our cookie policy. I occasionally recommend products via affiliate links if they are relevant too. These products are always carefully vetted or used personally. Nothing written here is soullessly churned out to get affiliate revenue. That’s just not what Moodsauce is about. 

The main aim is to provide valuable insight to help you achieve what is often referred to as “the good life”. Working on your mindset, being productive, and staying motivated, are at least three key components required to reach that aim.

Who Am I?

I’m Tom, a freelance copywriter who spent the best part of my teenage years and early 20s looking to so called ‘gurus’ and experts for the answers.

After a while, I realised there was no secret sauce. Much success comes down to cosmic coincidence, luck, inherited wealth, technical expertise, and other factors successful influencers will not mention. 

The best advice is to take guidance from others but go your own way. The content on Moodsauce is free to read, and you have every right to block ads on these pages. Take what works and discard the rest. Your life is an experiment, and you’re pretty much the subject, so follow your gut and do what makes you feel happy.